Pucker Up and Find Your Prince

Visiting the site of a prospective company is a bit like going on a blind date with a stranger. Looks matter, but so does the way they behave. And sometimes there's that one weird tic you can't overlook.

No matter what you're searching for—from sneakers to industrial lawn mower repair—you'll spend a lot of time online to find it.

If you're on the receiving end of that deal, you simply can't afford to lose sales over the lackluster design or function of your crummy website.

Every day, your site is visited by potential suitors, ready for a blind date with you. Is your site impressing them?

Learn all about how your business can avoid common website pitfalls in this awesome free guide!

What You'll Learn:

  • Which "personality traits" of websites turn off customers
  • How to avoid off-putting quirks that steer sales away
  • How to use your website to turn blind dates into true love
  • Why mobile-first design helps your business find Mr. or Mrs. Right


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